Who Is Miranda ? Orgins of Miranda Rights

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Who is Miranda : Origins of the Miranda Rights

The Miranda rights were established to inform criminal suspects of their rights before interrogation. The Miranda rights in which we all know states “ you have the right to remain silent, anything you say can, and will be used against you in the court of law..”, but one thing we don’t know is why these rights were made. According to history.com the Miranda rights were established in 1966, but the roots of the rights go back to 1963 where a man named Ernesto Arturo Miranda was arrested on kidnapping, rape, and armed robbery of a 18 year old Phoenix woman. When arrested police proceeded to interrogate him, in which he openly confessed to his doings, and even takes them through the locations in which he did the crimes after openly confessing to his wrongs. According to mirandawarning.org, the confession was overruled due to the police officers not informing him that he was not obligated to talk, confess to anything, and that he had an lawyer that would cover his case. This lead to Miranda beating the case, but eventually being still arrested and charged on other terms, and receiving max sentencing from that.
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