Jasmine Nwokedi


Dr.Jesse Hargrove


Elementary Spanish I


September 1, 2017

The Wall

 Ever since Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy for president he ran on the forum of anti-immigration.He started manufacturing ideas and plans he wants to implement to “make america great again”.However all he’s done is interjected things that promote ,racism.white supremacy,anti-immigration,,homophobia, and gender inequality.All the things america is known for not perfecting but at least progressing.As he began his campaign along came his platform , a wall.Due to the influx of illegal immigrants specifically from mexico, Trump proposed we build a wall.Nothing more complex than that ,a literal wall, and apparently mexico will be the one funding it.Despite having a wife who is an immigrant Trump fails to comprehend why people leave their home countries.Most look for a better life, a new start.The U.S provides the opportunity for people to build a new life for themselves, most immigrants are just trying to escape a radical government or a life of poverty.he is literally blocking that opportunity with the wall.The U.S is a land of immigrants and as time goes on the more progressive we get, this wall will just block the strides we're making as being a frontrunner for diversity.




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