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Who Is Miranda ? Orgins of Miranda Rights

Joshua Dorsey

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Who is Miranda : Origins of the Miranda Rights

The Miranda rights were established to inform criminal suspects of their rights before interrogation. The Miranda rights in which we all know states “ you have the right to remain silent, anything you say can, and will be used against you in the court of law..”, but one thing we don’t know is why these rights were made. According to the Miranda rights were established in 1966,… Continue

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Hispanic Heritage Month By Joshua Dorsey

According to, hispanic heritage month begins sept. 15, and is carried out through oct. 15. Between these 2 dates hispanic heritage, culture, history, and way of living is celebrated all over the world. Just like african american history month is used to inform, and remind America of our history and perseverance hispanic heritage month also has a similar purpose. This month is no less important then any other month… Continue

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To Build A Border Wall Or Not ? Joshua Dorsey

According to President Trump recently threatened to shut down the federal government over his demand for $1.6 billion to build his border wall between Mexico, and America. Trump "claimed" that the border is needed to keep out illegal immigrants and help get America back to being great. Unfortunately, for Trump he's facing 2 problems being 1 that the period in which he states America was great was a period in which miniorites and… Continue

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