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Miranda Rights

The roots of the Miranda decision go back to March 2, 1963, when an 18-year-old Phoenix woman told police that she had been abducted, driven to the desert and raped. Detectives questioning her story gave her a polygraph test, but the results were inconclusive. However, tracking the license plate number of a car that resembled that of her attacker’s brought police to Ernesto Miranda, who had a prior record as a peeping tom. Although the victim did not identify…


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Chain Migration

Chain Migration refers to the endless chains of foreign nationals who are allowed to immigrate to the United States because citizens and lawful permanent residents are allowed to sponsor their non-nuclear family members.

It is the primary mechanism that has caused legal immigration in the U.S. to quadruple from about 250,000 per year in the 1950s and 1960s to more than 1 million annually since 1990. As such, it is one of the chief culprits in…


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Who Is Miranda ? Orgins of Miranda Rights

Joshua Dorsey

Spanish: M @ 6Pm

Who is Miranda : Origins of the Miranda Rights

The Miranda rights were established to inform criminal suspects of their rights before interrogation. The Miranda rights in which we all know states “ you have the right to remain silent, anything you say can, and will be used against you in the court of law..”, but one thing we don’t know is why these rights were made. According to the Miranda rights were established in 1966,… Continue

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Should Illegal Immigrant Mothers Be Separated From Nursing Babies upon Arrest?

   After reading the article about Mrs. Villagas and her being separated from her baby after she went into labor is shows me how cruel the world can really be . This lady was already pregnant and the police took her to jail over something as simple as a misdemeanor . It also shown me that that police had a mission of making mrs. Villagas suffer for just being a different race as wells as being…


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The Beast Train

The La Bestia is actually a train that immigrants ride to get into the United States.  During this two week ride there are deaths that occur.  Such as people being thrown off the train, falling off the side etc.  Latinos pay guards of the train to make the ride from Mexico to the United States for freedom and a…


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Should pregnant women be detained?

 In the case of the Spanish woman being detained for being an immigrant after a routine traffic stop.  I believe the police officers were entirely wrong and it was a horrible justice done to this lady.  Chaining her to the bed while in labor at a hospital was so despicable.  They treated her as if she was a common criminal that had robbed or murdered someone.  It was a traffic stop for God's sake.

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Hispanic Heritage Month By Joshua Dorsey

According to, hispanic heritage month begins sept. 15, and is carried out through oct. 15. Between these 2 dates hispanic heritage, culture, history, and way of living is celebrated all over the world. Just like african american history month is used to inform, and remind America of our history and perseverance hispanic heritage month also has a similar purpose. This month is no less important then any other month… Continue

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To Build A Border Wall Or Not ? Joshua Dorsey

According to President Trump recently threatened to shut down the federal government over his demand for $1.6 billion to build his border wall between Mexico, and America. Trump "claimed" that the border is needed to keep out illegal immigrants and help get America back to being great. Unfortunately, for Trump he's facing 2 problems being 1 that the period in which he states America was great was a period in which miniorites and… Continue

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Build a Wall

To build the wall around the United States will be a waste of time. There are many ways to enter into the US. Building the wall around the U.S. will not help keep immigrants out of our country. Building the wall around the U.S will not help keep the immigrants out of our country. The reason why they come over to the U.S is because of a better life and job opportunities.  The wall that President Trump has vowed to build the wall around the U.S/ Mexico border could cost more…


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To build a wall or not to build a wall, and Spanish Heritage Month


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Hispanic Heritage month

Jasmine Nwokedi


Dr.Jesse Hargrove


Elementary Spanish I


September 1 , 2017

Hispanic Heritage Month


It is important to embrace to all different cultures and to be open to learning about them,…


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The wall

Jasmine Nwokedi


Dr.Jesse Hargrove


Elementary Spanish I


September 1, 2017

The Wall

 Ever since Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy for president he ran on the forum of anti-immigration.He started manufacturing ideas and…


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To build the border wall or not build the border wall

Beyond Surveillance and Moonscapes: An Alternative Imaginary of the US–Mexico Border Wall

ME Dorsey, M DIAZ‐BARRIGA - Visual Anthropology Review, 2010 - Wiley Online Library

... Lived experience at the border includes surveillance, but it is not limited to it. ... Our sequential footage of the border wall area from week-to-week during construction captures the transformation of the landscape from greenspace to brownspace as private contractors build the wall ...

Cited by 14… Continue

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Cinco de mayo

What is 'Cinco de mayo'?

Cinco de Mayo stands for the fifth day of May. Its a day of celebration, recognizing the 'Battle of Puebla.' The war was ignited by France because they wanted to collect some of their debts. Cinco de Mayo is celebrated by throwing parades and parties. It is especially a big deal where the battle was won. (In Puebla.)



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La Bestia

The term "the beast" refers back to the name of a train also known in Latin as "La Bestia". According to it is a train that transported immigrants to the United States from different parts of Mexico. The people boarding this train were in search of a better life.

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Tarai Rolle - The Beast Train

Tarai Rolle (Intermediate Spanish II) - The Beast Train.

According to the credible source '', The Beast train is a network of freight trains that runs the length of Mexico, from its southernmost border with Guatemala north to the United States.  Although it's main purpose is to transport grain, corn, and scrap metals, it''s estimated that up to a half-million migrants now ride The Beast each year, sitting back-to-back along the spine of the train cars, trying not to…


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La Bestia

According to, The Beast Train, or "La Bestia", is a collection of freight trains that "as many as half a million Central American immigrants annually hop aboard", headed to the United States of America. These trains, being built to transport cargo, have no space for passengers, requiring those migrating to ride atop the moving railcars.

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Body Parts

Head: la cabeza

Shoulder/back: la espalda

Stomach: el estomago

Spine: la espina

Nose: la nariz

Ear: la oreja

Eye: el ojo

Throat: la garganta

Mouth: la boca

Teeth: los dientes

Lips: los labios

Heart: el corazón

Body: el cuerpo

Hips: las caderas

Thigh: el muslo

Wrist: la muñeca

Eyebrow: la ceja

Ankle: el tobillo

Leg: la pierna

Knee: la rodilla

Foot: el…


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Juana Villegas

According to, "Juana Villegas, an illegal immigrant from Mexico who was nine months pregnant, was pulled over by a police officer in a Nashville suburb for a routine traffic violation. By the time Mrs. Villegas was released from the county jail six days later, she had gone through labor with a sheriff’s officer standing guard in her hospital room, where…


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