Course Syllabus

Philander Smith College

Division of Humanities

Spanish 213 01 (Intermediate Spanish I)                     Spring 2014

Instructor         Dr. Jesse J. Hargrove                               

Meets                TR at 4:00 – 5:20 PM

Office                Academic Center, Room 120                                          

Office hours                posted on office door or by appointment

Email        ; Telephone (501) 370-5286

Course Objectives

Review of grammar, pronunciation, and intensive drill of conversation in order to develop the student’s ability to understand simple Spanish prose.  Oral communication activities through traditional and electronic media at this level are designed to promote elementary-level communicative competence and self-expression. Accordingly the emphasis will be on acquiring all four basic language skills: oral comprehension, speaking, reading and writing; And a research paper!



Jose A. Blanco and Philip Redwine Donley, Late, Vistas: An Invitation to Spanish. 4th ed. Boston, MA: Vista Higher Learning, 2012. (ISBN 978-1-61767-057-2)


Jose A. Blanco and Philip Redwine Donley, Late, Vistas: Activity Pack.  4th ed. Boston, MA: Vista Higher Learning, 2012. (ISBN 978-1-60576-950-1)


Course Requirements

  1. 1.        Attendance. A significant portion of your grade will depend on class participation. Attendance is therefore mandatory. Four unexcused absences will lower your course grade by 10%; 5 absences: 15%. More than four absences will be considered grounds for Administrative Withdrawal from the course.





  1. 2.        Assignments

Classwork: The class assignments are listed on the course syllabus. You are expected to be thoroughly familiar with the material for each day before coming to class. You should correct the exercises assigned in the course lab websites and/or workbook.

The Workbook is optional. Late or incomplete assignments will not be credited. In addition, the Lab, Ning and website assignments will be collected periodically for grading.


Audio tapes and interactive CD-Rom are available from instructor and are supplemental activities. Students are strongly encouraged to do work on these items independently in order to improve their skills in Spanish.


  1. 3.        Examinations


Quizzes: Daily Quizzes (15-20 minutes) will test points of grammar, vocabulary, and communicative competence and performance from material just learned or reviewed.


Exams: There will be one major Exam each of the four weeks, 

Make-ups: As a general rule, no late work will be accepted, and no make-ups will be given. For excused cases, you must provide an official note in order to arrange to make-up any quiz or exam missed.  If you are a member of a College team, or you need to travel with your team to a sports event, you must bring a letter signed by your coach and addressed to your instructor stating the date and reason for your absence.


 All written work must abide by college regulations.


  1. 4.        Language Lab Instruction


Students are asked to attend Language lab instruction on their own in the Reynolds Library. The course has a supersite website. Create an account at and

Also for translations, please use one of the websites such as Each student is required to have an email address to register at Students are required to visit to learn the standards.












Final grades will be computed as follows:


Quizzes (Four)                     40%  =40 Points

            Lab/Ning Assignments      10%  =10 Points

            Midterm Exam                     10%  =10 Points

Final Exam                            10%  =10 Points

PowerPoint  Presentation 10%   =10 Points

Hispanic Research              10%   =10 Points

Dialogs (4)                            10%   =10 Points

                                               -------    -------------

                                               100%  =100 Points


Numerical/Letter correspondence:

100-95: A                    79-77: C+

94-90:  A-                    76-74: C

89-87:  B+                   73-70: C-

86-84:  B                     69-60: D

83-80:  B-                    59-0:  F







Calendario del curso

(Course Schedule)

Spring 2014

Abreviaciones (Abbreviations):

V: Vistas 4/e

W: Workbook

            L:  Language Lab Instruction

Semana 1       January 7-9, 2014

                        Introducción al curso; Review Chapter 9 (Las Fiestas)

                        V: Capítulo 9, p.300-329, Vocabulario, preparación, V: p. 299

                        L: Language Lab Instruction; NING Research Topic

Semana 2       January 14-16, 2014

                        V: Capítulo 9, 300-303; Contextos Exercises in W: p.191-194

                        V: Capítulo 9, Workbook Preterite, W: p.194-195

                         V: Pronouns, W: p. 198-200; Recap, W: 210-211;

                        Dialog #1, Tuesday

                        Thursday, Prueba # 1/Quiz: Cap. 9


Semana 3       January 21-23, 2014

                       V: Capítulo 10, 332-365, Vocabulario, preparación; W: p. 213-216                   En el Consultorio, CHAPTER 10

                       Language Lab; NING Research Topic and References

Semana 4       January 28-30, 2014                                              

                         Tuesday and Thurs, --The Imperfect Tense, Workbook, p.217-221                 

Semana 5       February 4-6, 2014

                        Review, p. 342-357   

                       V: Cap. 10,  (Imperfect); W: 217-218                      

                       V: Cap. 10, Preterite; W: 219-221

                       V: Cap. 10, Repasemos!  W: 232-233

                        Dialog #2,

                         Prueba #2: Capítulo 10


Semana 6      February 11-13, 2014

                        V: Capítulo 11, Vocabulario, preparación, p.368-401 W: 235-237

                        Language Lab Instruction (La Technologia)

Semana 7       February 18-20, 2014

                        V: Cap. 11 Familiar Commands, W: p. 238-240

                        V: Cap. 11,Reflexive and possessive pronouns, W: 243-247

Language Lab Instruction;   

¡Repasemos! , W: p. 257-258

Semana 8       February 25-27, 2014

                         Dialog #3, Tuesday

                         Email 1st Draft of Research Paper onTuesday, March 4, 2014

                         Prueba #3Capítulos 11


 Semana 9       March 4-6, 2014------- Midterm Exam


                        Capítulo 12, Vocabulario, preparación, 404-439; (La Vivienda)

                        V: Cap. 12, W: p. 261-264;

                        Language Lab Instruction, NING and Notebook

   Semana 10       March 11-13, 2013------Spring Break (No Classes)


 Semana 11       March 18-20, 2014

                        V: Cap. 12, Formal Commands, W: p. 267-268

                        V: Cap. 12, Present subjunctive, W: p. 269-273; 

                      Language Lab (Email Paper and PowerPoint –Due March 25, 2014

                        V: ¡Repasemos! W: p. 284-285;

   Semana 12      March 25-27, 2014

                      Prueba #4Capítulos 12; Dialog #4

                       2nd Call for Paper and PowerPoint Presentations Due Mar 25, 2014

                      Email Final Paper and PowerPoint –Due March 25, 2014

Semana 13      April 1-3, 2014


                         Prepare for Final Exam: Capítulo 9-12; Repaso Capítulos 9-12,

                        ¡Repasemos! Pages 300-439;


 Semana 14      April 8-10, 2014 (PowerPoint Presentations-April 8, 2014)

                         Paper and PowerPoint –Due April 8, 2014

Tuesday--Class will be held in Reynolds Library Conf. Room       


 Semana 15      April 15-17, 2014 ---Class will be held in Reynolds Conf. Room

(YouTube Presentations begins after Tuesday’s last class)


Semana 16      April 22-24, 2014 ---Classes will resume in classroom            

                         Language Lab Instruction


Final Exam, Thursday, April 29, 2014

Feliz --Vacaciones del Verano


Absences: An unexcused absence is one in which the student (1) fails to attend a regularly scheduled class, (2) fails to report after the class begins.  Please refer to the current Philander Smith College 2013-2015 Catalogue for details.


Sports-related Absences:  Should a student course load demand absences for required sports practice, obtain from your SPORTS instructor a signed permission form and file it with me during the first week of class, listing all dates within the current semester that you will be required to miss this class to attend sports/practice events.


The Spanish Research Project and short paper assignments on cultures, custom, countries etc., are to be typewritten.  All rough draft material is to be kept in a Portfolio.

Journal Format and Evaluation:  Assigned journals will be computer generated by computer keyboard or typewritten, and printed using 8½ x 11 inch plain white paper with one-inch margins all around, typeset in Times New Roman, size 12 point font, double-spaced throughout, using an approved style guide manual, such as Modern Language Association (MLA).

Ethics: Plagiarism on any aspect of written work will result in failure of the assignment and probable dismissal from the course. Consult the PSC Catalogue for principles of academic integrity and honesty concerning cheating, plagiarism, and other dishonest or unethical violations.  


Inclement Weather Policy:   When Philander Smith College is closed, radio and television stations in central Arkansas will be notified through the Office of the President.  If there is no announcement, students should assume that the college is open.





Office HoursBy appointment with instructor. Your instructor is routinely available for pre-scheduled student conferences (hours posted on door).  Students will assume the responsibility of notifying the instructor when they are experiencing levels of anxiety with reference to course work.  Seek help if you have not made progress as soon as assignment is given. Instructor is available both in class and outside of class.


Teaching Strategies:


Classes will involve a variety of the learning strategies listed below –

Lecture/Language Drills/Listening Comprehension

Discussion/Questioning/Dialogs Presentation

Cooperative Learning

Collaborative Learning

Role Playing

Problem Solving

Individualized Instruction

Discovery Learning

Small Group Activities

Drawing/Neighborhood Mapping/Art


Technology/Media Presentation

Team Teaching

Computer Aided Instruction


Disability Statement: It is the policy of Philander Smith College to accommodate students with disabilities, pursuant to federal and state law. Also, any student who is physically challenged (i.e., hearing or visual impaired) should inform the instructor at the beginning of the course.


Disruptions/Cell Phones:  Cellular phones are NOT ENCOURAGED in classrooms while using Internet technology. Please place on silent mode or turn off such devices in class so that the learning environment for classmates may not be distracted. Such devices as Cell Phones, Pagers, MP-3 or I-POD PLAYERS and other electronic sounding devices are considered disruptions to classroom teaching and learning.  Do NOT attempt to receive or to send cellular text messages while in class.   




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